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A general aviation trade publication starts to serve the demand of buyers and sellers of second hand aircraft since 1980’s; As a precursor, Company is established as Flightstar Jets INC.in 2010 in Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The company is one of the large Second-hand Aircraft traders which has more than 12 full-time professional dealers, among them 5 employees holding certain experience over 30 years. We also have a excellent business relationship with some US Airline companies, such as UNITED, DELTA etc.

As the largest second-hand aircraft trading company in China, Qingdao Skyline Aviation Technology Service Co Limited focuses on domestic and international market. SKYLINE uses its own effective website platform which is www.jiufeiji.com to attract the attention of the potential buyers which are mostly coming from China, based on the rapid economic development. This website has become top 3 ranking in some major searching engines, like Baidu, Google, Bing, etc. Especially recently the Aviation manufacturing business and service is quickly increasing under the strong support of Chinese government. We grab this fabulous opportunity to expand the domestic and international aero market, and also will provide strong capital for the future development.

In 2013,Qing Dao Line Center Trade Co. LTD is established as the Asian base. Then along with business expanding, Qing Dao Skyline Aviation Technology Service Co. LTD is followed to be established in 2015, we create a multiple language website www.usedaero.com facing global. At meantime we already built strong tight relationships with most famous Airline companies of China, through those key businesses relationship net we can easily grab more customer orders and market share. In 2018, we will have the most possibility to have a contract including more than 12 Landing Gear MRO that can bring us an opportunity to be a leadership in the technical support field.

For instance, at this year our company successfully purchased a Boeing 747-200. Also we successfully modified a Boeing 737-300 to be used as a Restaurant in 2014 and a Boeing 737-400 to be used as a Training Model Airplane in 2015. Our company already brought on board some experts from US Boeing Company and a special technical group from Indonesia, also we have the professional interprets each who can translate English, French,Spanish, Arabic.

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